Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ireland Week!!! The "Must-Sees" of Ireland: Dingle

Thanks for checking out our Ireland experience! If you missed the first two posts on Dublin and Glendalough, The Rock of Cashel, The Ring of Kerry you should check them out!

Now, on to Dingle.

I think all three of us agree that Dingle was our favorite place. (That and Galway, which will be coming up in a later post.)

What is so special about Dingle? The town is adorable. It's a small little fishing town right on a penninsula.

Also, we might be slightly biased, but we stayed at the best Bed and Breakfast in the whole of Ireland! It's called Brown's Bed and Breakfast.

Camilla and John are the nicest people ever. And Camilla has great taste in decorating. Not to mention how wonderful the breakfasts were.

Basically the whole draw to this town is the scenery. You must do the Dingle Penninsula, which as I mentioned in yesterday's post, we felt was better than The Ring of Kerry. There are a number of places to get out of your car, climb over the bannisters that are meant to keep you on the road, and see some of the most breathtaking views.

That's me, waaaaay up there. Kinda got a Pocahontas look going on there.

To get some of the best views, you can't be afraid of heights and you must be steady on your feet. But, there are many views that you can see right from your car, or that actually have a man-made path that will lead you to them.

There's also a beach, though the water is very cold and they don't recommend swimming due to strong currents.

After you take countless hours looking at what nature has to offer you can head into town and shop. There are many cute cafes and shops. We spent a good few hours. Dingle is known for there wool as you can't look anywhere when your on the outskirts of town and not see one of these guys.

One of the biggest 'touristy' parts about Dingle is there resident dolphin, Fungi, who Jen so lovingly referred to as 'Fergi,' throughout the trip. I was expecting to hear a rendition of 'Big Girls Don't Cry', but no such luck. ;)

If you are headed here with kids it would probably be a good idea to check out the boat tours they have for Fungi. For most of them if you don't see Fungi while you're out there, you get your money back.

We're pretty sure we saw him when we were sea kayaking... that's right, we went sea kayaking. You'll have to come back tomorrow for that post...

Another 'must-see' in Dingle are there pubs. They have a number which play authentic Irish music. 

Of course Jen can never act her age...

And neither can Katie...

Basically, if we were going to pick somewhere in Ireland to live, this would be it. The whole time you feel like there should be joyous Irish music, or Enya following you around as you look at all this area has to offer.

Like I hinted at earlier. Come back tomorrow to witness our sea kayaking experience. Super cool :)

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