Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running 7 miles without water when the temperature is 90F...


Then add on another 6.1 after that... at least the last 6 were with water. ;)

This past Sunday I ran the inaugural Summerfest Rock and Soul Half Marathon in Milwaukee, WI. This was my fifth half marathon, and by far the most difficult.

Out of the 6,567 participants only 5,348 actually finished the race. Part of that could be due to the lack of water and the heat index being at 105F.

Also, the race was 'black flagged' around 10:30am. I'm not entirely sure what this means... they told us that the race was cancelled, but that we could finish if we wanted to. Most people did finish, but slowed it down to avoid being one of the 50 people who needed medical attention.

Aside from the lack of water, the lack of cups when they did have water and the extreme heat, the race great... :)

Actually, it was a beautiful, albeit difficult route, which started off with an out and back over the Hoan Bridge, followed by a run along the lakefront.

So even though some of the logistics were a complete disaster, I would definitely give this one a shot next year. The organizer sent out a letter of apology, and is talking about how to best reimburse the participants for the struggles we faced. I truly believe that next year will be a great race... and hopefully a lot cooler ;)

What was my time? Around 3:10. Definitely my slowest ever. But I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't run the half marathons for speed. My goal isn't to beat my previous time. My goal is just to do them. That's enough for me.

What was the most difficult run you've ever done? What crazy obstacles did you face?

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