Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yes... I want to do this

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here...

The reason is because I debated whether or not I want to do this. Do I want to spend the amount of time it will take to create a blog that I can be proud of?

For a while, I thought the answer was no. I have a very good friend who blogs and I know from reading her blog and talking to her that it takes a lot of work. I also read a number of other people's blogs and truly appreciate all of the effort they put into them.

I don't want to do this halfway.

If I'm gonna do this... I'm gonna do this. :)

So what made me change my mind? I guess we all have reasons why we blog. Some of us do it for our job. Others do it just because they love writing and get to practice there craft. There are those who do it to stay in touch with those who live far away.

My reason has two parts. First, I really like the idea of a community. One that is free to discuss whatever is on there mind that day. A respite from what the rest of there day holds.

The second reason is for the exposure, the online presence. I have big dreams of being an author and/or singer. The truth is, that having this blog already makes me one of those and even better yet it might help me get one step closer to an actual book publication offer, or the like.

So I need this blog for the communal support. And I'm hoping that eventually you come to find a place for it in your life as well.

Now, enough of the mushy stuff :)

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