Sunday, July 24, 2011

Festa Italiana and I'm a Finalist for Idol... What?

Pretty catchy title heh? I actually am a finalist for Idol... Italian Idol, which is held during Festa Italiana. The finals are tomorrow if you wanna come. :) But I'll get into that more later.

Today my dear friend Feesty (Amanda Feest) and I went to Festa Italiana which is held at the Festival grounds in Milwaukee, WI. We had both never been before and thought we'd check it out.

It was a good time... but there wasn't a whole lot of 'Italian' going on. Sure they had more Italian food then Summerfest has, but other than that it was just a smaller version of "The Largest Music Festival in the World."

Except you are greeted by this guy when you first get in the gates.

Hello David...

We ate, and then we went to see the fashion show. It caught our attention because the men's soccer team were the models!!!

And these lovely ladies gave us a traditional Italian dance before hand.

Then as we walked out of the fashion show, we walked right into the sign-up table for "Italian Idol" and I thought... why not?

This guy was so cute!

Out of the 15 or so people who performed, 3 were picked to come back for the finals tomorrow night... and I was one of them! Yay!

Turns out, 1st place gets $250. Second gets $150. Third gets $100. Fourth gets $50. And there are only nine competing tomorrow... so I have a decent chance. In any case, its fun. :)

If you want to come and cheer me on, they gave me free entry tickets. First come first serve ;)

The night ended with a fun show by an Abba tribute band, and Fireworks!

In summary: If you have an afternoon or an evening to kill, you should go. You have to like oldies music though, because its either that, or the little bit of Opera and Italian music that you can find. The food is great of course.


Mr. Thompson said...

Congratulations! Looks like fun.

Kelley said...

Well hello sir! Yes, it was super fun. We'll see what happens tonight!

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