Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekend Wisdom

Weekend Wisdom is a series that runs every Monday. We've had three days to make mistakes, come to realizations and learn new things. This series allows us to share those insights with others. Please leave your amusing, inspirational, useful and just plain hilarious 'weekend wisdom' in the comments section below.

Happy Monday!

Are you wiser now than you were on Friday?

I took my little sister (from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) to see Cars 2 last week.

It was a really cute movie. I might have laughed more than she did... but that's not surprising as I laugh a lot.

Anyways... we got some popcorn to share. I hadn't eaten movie theater popcorn in... I don't know how long. When the movie was done I looked down and I had eaten half the large bucket. And I got so sick the next day.

My wisdom: DON'T get a huge tub of movie theater popcorn to share with an eight-year-old. She's only going to have a few handfuls in between her twizzlers and you'll mindlessly eat the rest, getting yourself sick. Just buy the small one :)

My other bit of wisdom:

Get to a water park really early and grab a spot that will have shade all day. You might think you want to get a really killer tan, and that shade is for suckers, but trust me, you'll want this place of respite during the day.

More to come on 'The Waterpark Capital of the World' later this week.

What is your weekend wisdom?


JM said...

Though this advice has a very narrow application... If anyone is driving between Milwaukee and Dayton, the cheapest gas is at a McClure in Lebanon, IN off of I-65 between West Lafayette and Indianapolis.

Melissa Marsh said...

Ugh. That waterpark looks SO crowded. No thanks! I'll stay in my nice, air-conditioned house. :-)

Weekend wisdom: if the kitten knocks a picture off the desk, do not leap to rescue it if there is a can of Diet Pepsi by your elbow. It will spill and leave a nice mess on your carpet.

Julie @SavvyEats said...

@JM ... I'll be driving through Ohio to Milwaukee over the holidays, so that actually is useful information!

My weekend wisdom: When you can't decide between two dishes for a potluck, bring both. Nobody will mind.

Kelley said...

Haha, these are great. Who would have thought the gas station wisdom would be helpful? :)

Melissa, first, I'm so jealous you have a kitten. Second, I can totally picture you (or myself in that situation) leaping over the desk, in slow motion, arms outstretched... hopefully it came out of your carpet. Pet removal stuff works wonders on most stains... fyi.

Kelley said...

Oh yes Jules, the more food, the merrier me :) haha

Jenny said...

I'm currently moving out of my apartment and have a ton of furniture to get rid of. First piece of advice... no charity will take a couch that folds out into a bed, so don't try calling around. Second piece of advice... Best Buy will buy back old TV's. You pay $10 per TV and get $10 store credit. (Even the REALLY old tube TV's that weigh 100 lbs!)

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