Friday, August 5, 2011

Wanna get away? Wisconsin Dells

As I alluded to in my "Tickle Me Tuesday" post, I spent last weekend with my family in the Wisconsin Dells celebrating my cousin Jessica's Birthday.

Now, those who live in Wisconsin have most definitely heard of 'The Waterpark Capital of the World'.

The rest of the world either hasn't heard of it, or wonders why they would put it in Wisconsin of all places...

No matter which boat you're in, the Wisconsin Dells is definitely a place you should check out. There is plenty to do and the whole town has a, 'walk around in your bare feet, everything is fairly inexpensive and 50% of the people have tattoos', kind of feel to it.

Aside from the plentiful indoor waterparks (we are talking about Wisconsin after all, there's got to be something to do for the other nine months out of the year) there are two major attractions in The Dells: Mt. Olympus and Noah's Ark 'America's Largest Waterpark'.

My cousin Loni happens to currently work for Noah's Ark, so she was able to get us in for free.

Loni is on the left and Jess is on the right.

I hadn't been to Noah's Ark for twelve years, which is crazy just to say. (God I'm getting old.) It was as much fun as I remembered but of course you have the crowds to deal with when the weather is beautiful and its a Saturday.

As I stated in my 'Weekend Wisdom', make sure you get there early and grab a spot in the shade for the times you need a respite from the heat.

The park doesn't allow you to bring food in, but they do have a number of picnic areas scattered throughout the parking lot. My Aunt Lynn is an amazing woman and managed to bring along a feast in honor of Jess's Birthday. (She included the Summer Salsa which will be in a later post because this thing is AMAZING). Noah's Ark is also really good about accommodating groups. For only $75 you can reserve an area for the whole day as long as you have more than 15 people.

Oh! And check out this grape! Yes, that's right, its a grape. Crazy heh?

It's really hard to do everything in one day, especially on a Saturday, but we were there from open to close. (9am to 8pm). It was so much fun.

We also explored other things that The Dells has to offer. The downtown part of The Dells is known for cute, inexpensive shops, yummy restaurants and stores which sell candy, fudge and cheese. Mmmm

Loni and I entertaining ourselves as we waited for our sister's fashion show.

We checked out Marley's for a bite to eat as well as taking a peek at there club. It switched locations a year or two ago and is super nice now.

You can eat inside or outside on there patio. They have live music most nights of the week. This guy was really, really good. And not too shabby to look at either... :)

The food was amazing! And there drink specials were wonderful. We'll definitely come back.

We popped our head in and took a look at there club. It opens at 9pm, but naturally the party doesn't get started until later. It looks pretty neat and they had flat screens on the wall which showed how busy they get later on in the evening. But we didn't want to wait around that long, so we headed downtown to shop. The stores stay open until Midnight!

The Wisconsin Dells is a great place to go for a weekend or a week. If you're not into waterparks and theme parks you can take it easy on Lake Delton or hike around the area. It makes for a wonderful, laid back vacation, except when you're fighting with a six-year-old over an inner tube for the lazy river...

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