Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ahem, Ahem. A wonderful poem about the frustrations of air travel.

Hello Milwaukee where down there.
It's me, Kelley, up here in the air.
I should have been home yesterday night.
But I couldn't due to the overbooked flight.

The trip went well, the customer's happy.
And getting home a day late only makes me a little crabby.
There's much to do, things don't stop when I'm gone.
But this happens all the time, I just chug on and on and on.

At least they gave me a nice hotel
Two free meals and wished me well.
The voucher will help me visit my friends.
So you see Milwaukee, how this story ends.

I'm home a day late
The work piles high
But the headache is worth it.
A free flight in the sky.


Julie @SavvyEats said...

You're going to use that voucher to come to Ithaca, right? :)

Kelley said...

You bet babe! :)

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