Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ireland Week!!! The "Must-Sees" of Ireland: Sea Kayaking in Dingle!

Wow... it's Thursday already...

It's also another post for Ireland Week! The first three can be found, here, here and here, if you feel like you want to catch up, or they were just so awesome that you need to see them again. ;)

Not only is this a continuation of Ireland Week, but it is also the first post in a series that I'm naming Try Something New (TSN). I know, real awesome name. But sometimes I feel its easy to become complacant and just 'go with the flow'. We need to challenge ourselves to live our lives! Branch out! So, hence why I'm starting the series.

I think this quote is perfect for it: 
“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”

When we were in Dingle we decided to try our hand at sea kayaking. That's right people. Us, in the ocean, in little boats, using little sticks with fins to paddle ourselves around.

It. Was. Awesome.

And... I got so sick... haha.

We went through Irish Adventures. Not only do they do sea kayaking, but they'll pretty much take you on any adventure you'd like to go on.

Those were our two fearless leaders... I don't remember the name of the one in the yellow jacket, but I know the one in the kayak is Peter. Really funny guys.

Shawn is the 'lucky' guy that got to tag along with us... ha.

They give you all the equipment. Don't we look HOT? ;)  I'm sure I said something incredibly witty...

All we needed were the suits and we're super heros angles.

They start you off with a short tutorial about how to work a kayak. Go over a few safety rules. And make sure that you understand that unless you are dead, there is no reason to lose your kayak or your paddle in the ocean. Wonder how many times that has happened before. :)

It was cheap, at least we thought so. $50 and we were out there for a good three hours. Peter also offered to take one of our cameras and snap pictures of us for free. Luckily Jen and Katie both have cameras that are 'everything proof' (including water) so we were able to bring them with us!

As long as you have something that remotely resembles upper body strength, and don't have a fear of water, I highly suggest that you try kayaking. It's really fun.

I was totally fine until we came out of the bay and into the ocean. Once we were out there, bobbing up and down in the waves, I got what you call... sea sick. It was like a horrible ride that you can't get off because you are sitting in the middle of the ocean.

But I will repeat again. It. Was. Awesome. Even though I felt really sick, I am SO glad we did this. I will never go sea kayaking again, but I will most defintely go kayaking on a river or lake.

So, if you get any type of motion sickness, don't do sea kayaking. If you think you can handle it, then try it. Its amazing.

While we were out in the ocean, Peter and 'the guy who's name I don't remember but was really funny' took us through a cave. That was really cool.

This picture of Jen definitely looks like it should be used for one of those inspirational posters, what with the soft glow of light as she comes out of the dark cave.

I may look like a pro (ahem, ahem) but I was shakin' in my wetsuit. It was not easy manuvering in that cave!

Katie here looks like a warrior, off to take out the opposition.

They also told us why parts of the ocean looked like the top of a Guinness.

Apparently when the water beats up against the rocks it pulls some minerals and air in, which then creates the bubbles you see here. (At least that's what they told us.)

Before we headed back they took us into a cove surrounded by huge cliffs. It was very impressive... and calmer than the ocean for which my stomach was grateful...

Overall, it was a fantastic experience. (Peter says that awesome is his most hated word, so for his sake, I won't call it awesome anymore.)

Tomorrow's post will be on the Cliffs of Moher and Galway. See you then!


S.B.Niccum said...

Simply beautiful! I'm so jealous! I kayak too, but in a lake that is nearby my Dallas! No ocean! I have gone in the ocean and it's very different!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and keep having fun!
S.B. Niccum
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Chicks In Lit Blog

JM said...

Really cool Kelley! Definitely something I want to do. One thing... were you three "super angles" or "super angels" in your wet suits? ;)

Kelley said...

Haha, Angels.

Thanks for that Jamie :)

Melissa Marsh said...

I love that you've made it a motto to try new things - I need to do that, too. I get far too complacent in my life.

And I'm VERY envious of your trip to Ireland! I went to England a few years ago and have been wanting to go back ever since.

Kelley said...

Ooo, I've always wanted to go to England. That must have been so cool.

I figure the "Try Something New" theme will at least bring the idea to the forefront of our minds every once and a while. Make us think twice about saying 'no' to something that might be slightly uncomfortable...

Susan @ Travel Junkette said...

Looks amazing! I work for a sea kayaking company in Alaska and will be in Ireland in October. I really hope I can get some kayaking in. Thanks for the post!

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